(This note used to be on the main Disbroken page, but I commented it out.)

May 31, 1999

I think the prime reason I haven't posted any new Disbroken stuff for over two months involves the fact that, due to my unstoppable neophilia and the inevitably related desire to continually commence interesting new projects, Disbroken fights with like three other things for Primary Headspace right now, the net result, of course, being that I make progress on none of them. Tonight I've done a bit of prioritizing, and this cartoon ended up delegated to the role of background task, something to turn to when I need a break from working on my primary project. I have high hopes for this setup, enough to move me to post this pathetic note now, even though I have no new art to offer alongside. As always, we shall see what becomes of it.

So the moral is, the official frequency declaration for this cartoon has changed from "every week or three" to "whenever", although this does not necessarily mean more slowly than before. See end of previous paragraph.

Meantime, you way want to bookmark the jmac.org updates page, for it shall bear news of new cartoons upon posting. As I am undesirous to tangle with mailing list software again, this is the most stable solution I can offer.